Grad Bites: Working Remotely Abroad

In this video Harrie talks about her decision to leave her life in London, to learn Spanish in Colombia. She tell us how her sabbatical became permanent, the best & worst parts of working remotely abroad, and gives us her top travel tips…




About Harrie

After graduating from Durham University, Harrie started a career in Advertising. Whilst her career was progressing well, Harrie had the urge to travel! A 6 month sabbatical to learn Spanish in Colombia has now turned into nearly 2 years abroad.
Harrie currently works remotely as an SEO and Content Marketing Consultant, which gives her the flexibility to travel and live in different places around the world. Harrie has recently moved to Bali! 🌴☀️
To follow Harrie on her adventures check out her blog – Hats Off – and follow her on Instagram