Grad Bites: Introducing… Evermore Health

In this video Alessandra tells us about her nutritional supplement business Evermore Health. She talks about why she started it, the challenges she faces and the best parts of running a business.


Grad Bites: Introducing… Evermore Health


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About Alessandra

Alessandra Sollberger is the Founder & CEO of Evermore Health. After studying in Switzerland and completing a Masters in Law & Finance at Oxford University, Alessandra embarked on a successful career as an investor.
After working in a fast-paced environment and noticing the effects a busy lifestyle can have on your health and energy, Alessandra decided to start her own bespoke nutritional supplement company. Evermore Health sells sustainable, plant-based supplements to enhance energy and provide essential vitamins and minerals.
In her spare time, Alessandra enjoys a variety of extreme sports and playing with her pet bunny Balthazar! You can follow her activities on instagram @alessandra_evermore