Grad Bites: How to Nail Networking

In this video, we hear from Bruce, Rebecca, Lizzie, Adam and Ali, who discuss the importance of networking and give their top tips for how to make the best impression.


Grad Bites: How to Nail Networking


Bruce McKendrick is CEO at Forest Holidays and believes networking is the most common way of getting a job.

Rebecca Livesey is a Product Developer at the Co-op, she has found her network more helpful later on in her career, but is glad she started getting to know people early on.

Lizzie Fane is Founder of Global Graduates and expresses that she, like many others, is always willing to help others progress, so welcomes people asking her for help.

Adam Bewley is Head of Projects and Business Development at Youth. He urges people to use LinkedIn to build their network.

Ali Gillum is the Global Accounts Manager at Spark 44. She suggests that the difficult part is initiating a conversation, but when you have done that you realise this can lead to something more. It gets easier the more you do it.


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