Grad Bites: Dealing with Change – A Guide for New Grads

In this video, Ross, a successful entrepreneur, discusses dealing with change, and more specifically, how to embrace the new chapter that comes after graduation.


Grad Bites: Dealing with Change – A Guide for New Grads



About Ross

Ross Tuffee is an entrepreneur and strategic adviser. He founded Mobile (now Vidatec), which is an award winning app & mobile development company.
Throughout his career, Ross has worked in a variety of areas including IT & digital. A lot of his work has been related to implementing change, whether that’s new IT systems, a merging of companies or directing and managing new strategies within his own organisations, so he is well versed in adapting and embracing change.
Ross has also been involved in the development of a really helpful app called Skillzminer, which uses easy to access, chat, games and questionnaires to predict jobseekers’ skills, work values and cultural fit with employers.

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