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For a back-to-nature break to enjoy wildlife and glorious views, why not head to one of the UK’s national parks? Guest writer, Kelsey, explains the best ways to explore Exmoor National Park, on a budget.
Exmoor beaches

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When you’ve got the travel bug, but foreign trips are not an option, why not look into weekend breaks in the UK, at least as a temporary solution? Take up walking, exploring, or mountain biking and spend some time in the collection of stunning national parks stretching across the rolling countryside or flanking the coastline. Of course, it may not be the same as visiting another part of the world, but hey, know it’s a temporary solution that’s bound to stimulate your adventurous side! In this article, I’ll tell you all about what you can do in Exmoor National Park on a budget.


Go Walking

Exmoor National Park boasts 692km² of wild terrain tailor-made for exciting explorations, thanks to the fusion of unspoiled scenery and remains of ancient settlements with their stories still lingering in the air. No matter which walking route you choose, you’ll either get a dose of vitamin sea views, charming rolling countryside landscapes, or glimpses of history through quaint villages, natural wonders evolving, or crumbling nods to settlements long gone. My favourite walks in Exmoor National Park are the Porlock Bay Walk, Tarr Steps and River Barle Walk, and Horner Wood Circular Walk! Personally, I love any walk that includes the Valley of the Rocks and Lynton, but I’ll get to these attractions later.


Have a Nighttime Picnic

Could there be a better budget-friendly activity? Okay, you’ll have to buy the food, so get some cheese, crackers, and your favourite sandwich fillings, because shopping at a supermarket over purchasing a meal will keep the cost low. Then bundle up and get ready for an unforgettable star-studded spectacle to light up the sky! Exmoor National Park earned accreditation as an International Sky Reserve, meaning the stargazing here is nothing short of amazing. Three great spots to picnic and bask in the constellations are Wimbleball Lake, Dunkery Beacon, and Webbers Post.
View from Dunkery Beacon

Photo: View from Dunkery Beacon – 10Adventures


Visit the Valley of the Rocks

The postcard-worthy Valley of Rocks can’t help but attract and intoxicate visitors. Its deep valley floor and jagged cliffs overlooking the coastline will have your camera flashing and jaw dropping! In the background of your photos, you may also notice goats roaming the land—they’ve inhabited this area for hundreds of years, which only adds to the wonder and storybook-like imagery coating the Valley of the Rocks. So, head to Lynton if you want to visit this stunning valley.
Valley of the Rocks, Exmoor

Photo: Valley of the Rocks – 10Adventures


Try Mountain Biking

If you already own a bike, this is a very budget-friendly option for exploring the park. If not, there are several places to hire a bike for a reasonable price (depending on the model you choose).
Explore the incredible routes carved throughout Exmoor National Park. Tackle various bridleways, paths, and byways, making sure to alert walkers and horseback riders when you’re behind them! You can find information on the best mountain biking routes at the various visitor centres around the park. There’s also the option to go road cycling if you own a road bike.


Explore Lynmouth and Lynton

Visitors have been flocking to both Lynmouth and Lynton in Devon since Victorian times. It’s fun to explore the seaside streets in Lynmouth and the tea rooms and 19th-century buildings 500-feet above in Lynton. There is also a range of adventures setting out from this area, making either of these two towns a great place to set up base for the day. The best way to travel between Lynton and Lynmouth is to take the steep water-powered Cliff Railway. It only costs £ 3.00, and you don’t have to book in advance. Talk about budget-friendly!
Well, there you have it, some great things to do in Exmoor National Park on a budget! Did any of these activities stand out to you?


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