How to… Eat healthily and spend less!


Oh, January… it can feel like a big smack in the face, getting back to reality… But fear not, this year is going to be great!


We are using this month to kick-start our health after a colossal Christmas celebration… Who’s with us?

Eating healthily on a budget during the working week can sometimes seem like a big effort. But, with a bit of organisation, it will make you feel good physically, mentally and financially!


Here are our tips …

Plan and prep

Coordinate your social diary with a rough meal plan at the beginning of the week – figure out when you will be eating at home. If you have a night in early doors, take the chance to prepare…

Leftovers into lunch

Double the amount you make for dinner and eat the leftovers for lunch the next day, or make dinners that can be frozen (Bolognese is a great one – we think it tastes better the next day).
A little warning: From personal experience, if you’re feeling extra hungry that day… get that Tupperware out and put the extra food in the fridge out of sight… before you demolish the lot!

Whole foods

We’d love to suggest Wholefoods, but unfortunately that isn’t shopping on a budget… For a very cost effective way of eating, instead of buying chicken breasts, cook a whole chicken, divide it into portions and freeze some of it for next week (freezing in a sauce can prevent it drying out).

Avoid hungry shopping

Be good to your waistline…as well as your wallet! You are much more likely to impulse buy if you’re feeling hungry! Work out what you need to buy and stick to your list. Buy supermarket’s own brands as much as you can – they are usually good quality and cheaper!


Life can be difficult to plan so far in advance e.g. a weekly shop… So, if you worry about wasting food (& therefore money), buy fresh veggies on the way home from work, as and when you need them. Meat and fish that you’ve bought in advance can be frozen.

Eat with others

When you are counting your pennies and really need to eat on a budget… find a friend! It is more enjoyable and cheaper to cook for/with someone else and you can mix it up with who cooks and who does the washing up!
Finally, at the end of the month when times are tough, get creative and make a ‘broke meal’. Throw together whatever it is you have left in the fridge and hope for the best!! 🙂 Challenge yourself chef - wb

Good Luck!