Consider a Career in… eSports

eSports - Men gaming on personal computers

eSports by an Krukau on Pexels

Choosing a career path can be a tough decision for any graduate about to enter into the professional world for the first time. Most graduates want a job that pays well and offers a variety of opportunities for growth. So why not consider eSports?
That’s right… the games that you play for fun, can also help you earn big bucks with reputable companies offering exciting new roles. The eSports competitive gaming industry has grown over the years with audiences all over the world. Online games like Overwatch have helped create a multi-million dollar industry, where you can find events and audiences rivaling some of the biggest sporting events of the world.
This in turn has allowed various companies to pop up that are working hard to create bigger gaming events. These companies are on the lookout for people in marketing, finance, event management and even legal to help their events to succeed. If you’re unsure about where you want to start your career and are looking for something slightly different, eSports is definitely an industry to consider.
If eSports sounds like it could be for you, then take a look at the helpful infographic (produced by Computer Planet) below. It lists some of the jobs you can apply for as a graduate, or a bit later on in your career (with some experience behind you) and the salary you could expect to receive.


esports infographic