Have a Good Social Network


Your social network of supportive friends & family
is important for relaxation & help when you need it


Socialise – Connect with People

If you’re not yet working, it can be tempting to stay indoors, particularly if you’re feeling lonely and under pressure to find a job.  But it’s very important to interact with people on a regular basis, face to face – not just through social media 😀   Enjoying time with friends is a great stress reliever!
You probably won’t have much money at this stage, so think about things you can do cheaply or for free:
Enjoy a picnic, take a walk, see a film, visit museums, galleries or other places of interest.  Watch sport together, play music, cook for friends, start a book group.

Check out deals and fun things to do in your area:

TimeOut   Groupon   Wowcher

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It’s Good to Talk!

Talking through problems can really help, by giving you a different perspective and helping you to find solutions.  Get support from people you trust, like family, friends and colleagues.
Seek help from professionals if necessary – sometimes there are benefits from seeing someone who doesn’t know you so well, where you can be totally honest.

See more on our Professional Help page.


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