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Shop Around

There are plenty of good deals around to help you cut costs on everything from energy and finance to travel and entertainment, so it pays to do some research. Ask around, see what other people recommend.


Deals & Vouchers

You may no longer have a student card, but there are still plenty of ways to save cash whilst having fun:
For good offers in your local area, covering everything from food & drink to health, beauty & leisure:
Groupon      TimeOut      Wowcher
Eat out for less: Special Offers section of OpenTable
For cheap train travel, get a 16 – 25 Railcard or 26 – 30 Railcard, which will give you 1/3 off many journeys.
For travel promotions and days out: National Rail – Special Offers

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Internet Comparison Websites

Shopping around is easy with comparison sites, but do consult more than one, so you get a full picture of what’s on offer. These popular sites have a vast array of deals plus money saving tips and guides on how to reduce household bills, choosing and switching suppliers etc.

5 Ways to Save at the Supermarket – MoneyHelper

How to Save on Household Bills – MoneyHelper

Couch to Financial Fitness – MoneyHelper
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Money Saving Expert

Tips, Tricks & Treats – Money Saving Expert
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Money Makeover – Money Saving Expert
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Other good sites for comparing the latest deals on energy, finance, insurance, broadband etc:


Money Supermarket



Travelling – Foreign Currency

Holiday Piggy
Big banks and the Post Office don’t necessarily offer the best deals so do shop around.  Check exchange rates and commission charges.
Avoid using your usual UK debit or credit card to exchange money or spend abroad – most give poor exchange rates and you may face extra charges; specialist travel credit cards usually offer a far better deal. But remember to pay back in full.
Don’t change currency at airports. Rates tend to be extremely uncompetitive!
If you are likely to travel again using the same currency, hold on to it rather than convert it back. Rates fluctuate and you lose each time you exchange.

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