Follow Up

Thank you Letter

After an interview or assessment centre…


Always follow up by thanking people in writing

Be sure to reaffirm your interest in the job.

Not only does it show good manners, it will refresh people’s memories of you.

Email or write a letter (some people really appreciate hand-written letters!)

How long should you wait to hear from a company, before contacting them?

At an interview/assessment day, you will normally be told when you can expect to hear back – 2 weeks seems to be the norm. If you have heard nothing after 4 weeks, you could send a short email to enquire.

In case of no reply, how many times should you enquire?

If you have had an interview/assessment day, you should definitely hear one way or another.

If you have sent in an application/speculative letter, it may be worth probing a couple of times, but you will soon get the message whether they’re interested or not.

If you’re unsuccessful…

This time, analyse your application, try to get some constructive criticism and then put it to good use at the next opportunity.

If you’re not getting interviews, ask someone to check your CV and cover letters, and suggest where you could make improvements.

If you’re rejected after an interview/assessment centre, try to get feedback from the company, and work on how you can shine next time round.

Keep going, stay positive!

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