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Here at HelloGrads, we want to help you have a positive & smooth experience between uni & real life & beyond. Please take a look around, dip in and out as you need, we will do our best to help you out!  Do let us know if there’s something you think we have missed or you need more info.

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Feel good & be your best!
General wellbeing tips at a time of massive change. We discuss how to tackle the challenges ahead: Tips on how to take control, stay positive and avoid stress, plus sources of help.



Kick-start your career!
Career choice and preparation for employment: CVs, job search, networking, applications and interviews.



Money matters… Take control.
Becoming financially independent and financially responsible: Budgeting, bank accounts, managing debt including repayment of student loans, savings and financial support.



The guide to hassle-free housing.
Finding a property, tenancy agreements, on-going living costs and preparation for moving.


News & Views

Video interviews and articles from recent graduates, young and experienced professionals. Articles on the latest news too!


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