Do Something Different

Want to do something different? Create a career that really matters to you? Interested in working or studying abroad? These organisations could help you find a fulfilling alternative to corporate life…


Escape The City

Non-Corporate Opportunities – Escape The City
All types of fulfilling jobs around the world – from volunteering and internships to full-time professional roles.
Or join a development programme, or connect with the community of like-minded people to share ideas.


Job Opportunities
Search the Jobs Board by factors like ‘entrepreneurial’, ‘social impact’, ‘exotic’ or ‘exciting brand’
A few examples of the current diverse opportunities include: Camera Man

Teach science in rural Tanzania

Expedition photographer in Nicaragua 

Build a language education business in Turkey

Become a marshmallow brand ambassador on fun UK road trips


The Escape School – Start-up and career change accelerators

Part-time courses to help you set up a business or find a new career direction.

The British Council

Is involved in international cultural relations, working in over 100 countries – offering programmes & services through the arts, education & society.

They offer short/long-term paid/voluntary work abroad, graduate schemes, internships or opportunities for further studies:


Jobs – British Council
Opportunities to pursue personal/professional development via training & study, whilst working
Examples of the roles include:

Teach English to toddlers in Hong Kong

Run an arts event in India

Provide IT support in Singapore

Accompany teenagers on an Arctic expedition


Graduate Schemes, Work Placements & Volunteering – British Council


Future Leaders – British Council Graduate Scheme
3 year graduate scheme to develop globally mobile cultural relations leaders, involving international work placements


Teach English As A Foreign Language – British Council Graduate Scheme


Internships – British Council
Access international internships, as well as the UK based British Council Internship Programme, which includes positions like Music & Film Intern, Corporate Communications & Events or Global Network Team.


Study-Work-Create – British Council
Study abroad from just weeks to a year: learn a language, broaden your horizons or gain a postgraduate qualification. Develop and fund your creative projects, with the help of a global network of creative partners & online resources

Year Here

Year Here build solutions to social problems.

A postgraduate course in social innovation – demanding but rewarding; explore different ways of working, develop projects, pitch for investment, make a difference.
Likely to lead to an entrepreneurial career dedicated to social change.

Global Graduates

Global Graduates provide opportunities and support for students and graduates who want to work or study abroad during or after their degree course: international jobs, work placements, volunteering, studying

Gap Force

Have you ever thought about travelling? It can be a difficult transition from education to employment. A lot of employers we have interviewed, encourage graduates to travel after uni as a ‘character building’ and ‘worthwhile’ experience (You will see these interviews coming up on our YouTube channel or on the News & Views section of the site).

Gap Force have many different projects abroad ranging from Marine Conservation, Outdoor Training to Community Volunteering . Click here to see what Gap Force have to say about travelling post-uni.

Further Reading

The Escape Manifesto’
Quit Your Corporate Job, Do Something Different’  from Escape The City.
Practical advice & encouragement to help you start your own adventure.


‘Be A Free Range Human: Escape the 9-5, Create a Life You Love and Still Pay the Bills’
by Marianne Cantwell
Inspiring case studies from people who have taken unconventional career paths.
A guide of ideas & practical steps to create a tailor-made career that suits your personality & interests.


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