Introducing… Skillzminer

At HelloGrads we are all about making your life easier! Whilst doing so, we like to support other brands with the same agenda. We’ve been talking with an exciting new company called Skillzminer, who are looking to make the job search experience easier.
We would like to ask for your help in building their business based on brilliant research about you and your needs. They’re conducting a survey which shouldn’t take longer than 15-20 mins (we have done it), the link is at the bottom of the post and we would love it if you could help us to help them by filling it in.
Here’s a quick low down on what they are all about…



Has your CV been turned down repeatedly as you apply for jobs? Are you confused or at a loss about what potential employers are looking for from job applicants like yourself? Do you want to understand better the skills, values, behaviours or simply the basic things you need to be able to communicate to get that break that has eluded you?
These are some of the issues that we face as we move into the world of work and are the issues that an exciting new start up called SkillzMiner are trying to address. Skillzminer is a virtual assistant and knowledge base that can help you to clearly explain your skills and capability and therefore why you are the best candidate for the job.
Looking for a job can be daunting and challenging and especially when you are starting out on your career.  You have so much to offer but can’t quite articulate those inherent things that you are good at (indeed you might not know you are good at them..) and this can mean that creating a CV that best represents you is really hard to do.  How do you articulate the softer skills like building relationships, attitudes towards problem solving and dealing with conflict/influencing others?

Skillzminer uses easy to access, chat, games and questionnaires to predict jobseekers’ skills, work values and cultural fit with employers. Simply put, Skillzminer is a tool that enhances better employment decisions for you and potential employers and also helps you to build out the skills that employers are looking for.
We would be grateful if you could answer a short questionnaire, it takes about 10-15 mins to complete. Every questionnaire answered will help us to tackle unemployment and better understand how to close the skills gap.
Find our survey here… 👉 Skillzminer Survey 👈


Thank you 😁

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