Positives from a Pandemic

As we start to see a light at the end of the tunnel that is national lockdown, we thought we would take some time to reflect on some of the positive things to come out of the pandemic and have a think about things that have changed that we might like to stay that way.
I was supposed to go travelling, but because of the pandemic, those plans were cancelled. Now, instead, I have my dream job and have also met my partner. I have also saved so much money and managed to buy myself a car.
I have really learned to enjoy the simple pleasures in life and that is something I will take with me. I’ll never take normal life or the things I enjoy for granted. My friends and I are so much closer because we didn’t have our ‘lives’ getting in the way. We now make so much more time for each other, rather than just letting jobs/ partners/ holidays and other of life’s usual commitments get in the way. Even if it’s just a quick phone call or a FaceTime, I really hope that now we are used to see each other and talking more, we will continue and not let silly things get in the way.
Playing with friends
Amy L
I know it’s been said a lot, but the pandemic really has made me appreciate what I have around me and realise that you don’t need to travel loads or live in lots of different places. I would have never seen myself living and renting in my hometown of Kent a few years ago, but circumstances have meant I’ve had to stay, and I’m actually really happy here. It has made me appreciate how nice Kent actually is! Also, I like how people communicate more and help each other out, like offering to do shopping for neighbours and talking to each other, which they might not have done before, as everyone was so caught up in their own lives.
Amy H
One of the main things that I’ve actually really enjoyed during lockdown is all my school friends being home for the first time since leaving school, so rekindling those friendships and spending some quality time with people I wouldn’t usually see has been amazing.
The pandemic has also allowed me time to focus on myself and self-growth, as for first time, there was no ‘rush’ to do anything. There was nothing to do on weekends/evenings, so I did a few online courses and learned way more about gardening and other things I love to do. It just really gave me a chance to spend time alone doing ‘me’ things, rather than always running off to see friends (although I am very excited to do this again!). I have also learned to be more zen. Living with people and being stuck so close to them for so long, we have had to keep check on how we respond to things and overall, just become more tolerant and nicer people.
I am looking forward to a crisp, cold, condensation-y pint in a lush beer garden for sure, being able to explore London (as I have just moved here for work), and finally hugging my grandparents for the first time since September 2019!!!
I have managed to start up a business during lockdown. Having some space to think and really go back to basics and look at where I am at in this point in my life, I realised that I just wasn’t happy. I had always thought about starting my own company, but never had the confidence, time or opportunity to do it. The pandemic forced me to be held accountable for my own situation and I am grateful for that.
I have realised how important my relationships with my family and friends are (the only things I need!). In a way, it’s been nice to strip back to basics and literally be excited to go on a walk with a friend! Before we had so much more going on, so it’s given me time to take a step back and realise what I actually want to achieve in my life. Material possessions are not what’s valuable. It has really helped me to assess my priorities. I cannot wait to be able to go to new places again, but also just to be able to see family and friends for drinks/meals and hugs is the most exciting thing. I’m excited for the new memories we can make.
Because daily walks were one of the only reasons to leave the house, I have started walking a lot more. I’ve enjoyed exploring my local area, which perhaps wouldn’t have happened without the pandemic. And in general, I have begun exercising, and having a generally healthier lifestyle, which I hope to continue. I can’t wait to have all of my family back together and make up for lost time. Plus, I have enjoyed the shops, public transport and the roads not being as busy, although I’m sure that will go back to normal soon!
From a business standpoint, it accelerated the digital agenda and enabled virtual working, mostly without a reduction in productivity. People have enjoyed the flexibility, the lack of commuting and I can’t see us going back fully to the old ways of office life.
The pandemic and lockdown have really made me appreciate the small things in life, like walking the dog on the stunning, deserted local golf course, and connecting with nature. Having a less hectic social life has certainly helped me save money! And it’s given me more time for myself, for reading, enjoying cooking, a bit of pampering. The change in how we’ve all been living our lives has also given me a business idea, which I’m now working on and hope to launch in the next few months.
Although I have kept busy and continued working throughout lockdown, I have learned how to relax and do nothing. Pre lockdown, If I had a day off, I HAD to do something; I had to get out of the house or feel productive at all times. Since there hasn’t been a lot to do during lockdown, I have learned to give myself permission to take a break from being busy. I am now at peace with sitting down and doing absolutely nothing sometimes!
I have also spent time working on myself both mentally and physically. I have learnt to cook new things and explore new recipes, I’ve completed some online courses for subjects I’m interested in such as criminology and started to learn Spanish, which I would never have thought I had the time to do before. And I intend to continue learning and spending more time doing things I really enjoy even after the pandemic is over! I have completely reassessed what is important to me and realised I don’t need to worry too much about the future. Instead I will live more in the present and be happy with where I’m at right now!

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