Grad Bites: HM Treasury Grad Scheme

Work at HM Treasury covers many areas of everyday life, including housing, health, education and local government, as well as funding growth and business innovation to support the UK economy. During the pandemic, the Treasury has also been directly involved in building the Furlough Scheme and Job Retention Scheme.
Sophie is in her second year on the HM Treasury grad scheme.  She talks about her experience so far, including what a typical day as a civil servant may look like and her favourite parts of the job.

Grad Bites: HM Treasury Grad Scheme


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Graduates who join the training programme will help to develop policies that impact all areas of government and their work will make a difference to millions of lives every day.
If you’re interested in applying for HM Treasury grad scheme, you can find more information at HM Treasury Careers, including what qualities they are looking for in a candidate, likely career progression, and the skills and training you’ll receive.
Sophie explains the application process:
Stage one: Submit your CV and personal statement alongside answering some questions on why you’re applying and what your skillset can offer.
Stage two: Numerical and psychometric tests.
Stage three: Assessment centre where you take a written exam, deliver a pre-prepared presentation and attend an interview with a panel of civil servants.

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