Not Sure Who to Vote for? Here’s How to Decide…

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You may be enjoying the torrent of wall-to-wall politics littering your newsfeeds and hogging the media. But with ads and stunts and interviews galore, it can be hard to decipher the policies beneath all the posturing.  So if you’re not sure who to vote for, here’s a little test that might help you make up your mind…
Below are six promises on the manifestos of the five main parties. We’ve deliberately picked out some of the policies that might appeal most to young voters – including their visions for Brexit, the NHS, higher education and the environment. Based on these lists alone, which party would you vote for?
To find out which party you liked best, scroll to the bottom of the page where the answers will be revealed (no peeking mind!).


Party 1

  • Cancel Brexit and remain in the European Union
  • Net-zero carbon emissions by 2030 with £100billion a year investment to ensure it happens
  • Scrap undergraduate tuition fees and write off the debt for those who paid £9,000
  • Increasing the Living Wage to £12 and extend it to workers aged between 16 and 21 years old
  • Increase NHS funding by six billion per year, each year, until 2030
  • Phase in the introduction of universal basic income of £89 per person, given unconditionally to all UK residents, and replace many means-tested benefits with this payment.



Party 2

  • Leave the European Union in January and not extend the implementation period beyond 2020
  • Net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 through investing in green infrastructure and decarbonising the nation
  • 50,000 more nurses, 50 million more GP appointments each year (15% increase) and the construction of 40 new hospitals over the next 10 years>
  • Look at interest rates on loan repayments with a view to reducing the burden of debt on students
  • Abolish ‘no-fault’ evictions and only requiring one ‘lifetime’ deposit which moves with the tenant while trying to encourage long-term fixed-rate mortgages to cut the cost of deposits for first-time buyers
  • Build “northern powerhouse” rail between Manchester and Leeds, then focus on Liverpool, Tees Valley, Hull, Sheffield and Newcastle



Party 3

  • A “clean-break Brexit” with no extension to the transition period
  • Require universities to incorporate an obligation to protect legal free speech
  • Scrap interest on student loans
  • Stop the privatisation of the NHS and re-open the nursing and midwifery professions to recruitment without the degree requirement, alongside a new nursing qualification in social care
  • Free base-level domestic broadband in deprived regions and free Wi-Fi on all public transport
  • Plant millions of trees and make it illegal for the UK to export its waste to be burnt, buried or dumped at sea



Party 4

  • Get a new trade deal with the European Union, hold a second referendum on Brexit and remain neutral during the vote
  • Abolish tuition fees and bring back maintenance grants in both further and higher education, making lifelong learning accessible for all as part of a National Education Service
  • Raise the minimum wage from £8.21 to £10 for over 25s and ban unpaid internships
  • Begin the ‘green industrial revolution’ with £250 billion (over 10 years) dedicated to renewable and low-carbon energy and transport, biodiversity and environmental restoration
  • Cap rents, give cities the power to cap rents further and introduce rent controls, open-ended tenancies, and binding minimum standards to stop ‘no-fault’ evictions’
  • End all privatisation of the NHS and have an average of 4.3% real term annual increase in the health budget over the next parliament and add free dental checkups



Party 5

  • Stop Brexit and reinvest the ‘remain bonus’ of £50billion on public services
  • Set a 20% higher minimum wage for people on zero-hour contracts at times of normal demand and grant the right to request fixed-hours after 12 months
  • £100bn to tackle climate change and make 80% of our electricity come from renewables by 2030
  • Reinstate maintenance grants for the poorest students
  • Raise income tax by one penny on the pound and ringfence this income, seven billion a year, for the NHS and social care
  • Introduce a new ‘Rent to Own’ model for social housing where rent payments give tenants an increasing stake in the property, owning it outright after 30 years.



Answers revealed…

(Click on the links to read their manifestos.)

Party 1 – Green Party

Party 2 – Conservatives

Party 3 – Brexit Party

Party 4 – Labour

Party 5 – Liberal Democrats
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